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Wood toys are a really good alternative choice for parents who want quality toys for their children. If you are looking for toys that will last a lifetime, are made of natural, durable wood, non-toxic, and are safe to run around with, then Absolutely Terrific Wood Toys in Salt Lake City, UT is the place to find them. For over 30 years, I have been handcrafting wood toys.

With today’s over-saturation of plastic and batteries, parents like the idea of a quite toy. Wood toys engage a child in quiet, imaginative play. There are no buttons or sounds to distract a child from using their imagination. Quiet play leads to a natural progression of other quiet activities.

Wood toys are sturdy and last through years of playtime. I use hardwoods because they are durable and can take a beating. Everyone knows a child can be rough on toys. Parents do not have to worry about the wood toys falling apart. With a little TLC and an occasional lemon or mineral oil application, wooden toys will last for many years. My toys are finished with a safe, non-toxic oil for soil resistance. They are also available without a finish by special request.

Wood toys hold memories for adults as well. Sometimes, when a customer sees one of my wood toys, it brings back a favorite childhood memory. Wood toys make people who experienced them as a child want them for their own children. I enjoy making them for that very reason. I want to see the next generation playing with wood toys.

Young parents are discovering the value in wood toys just like their parent did. Whether you have a boy or girl, wood toys are for everyone. From wood trains to wood dolls, everyone likes to play with my wood toys. Visit my shop, Absolutely Terrific Wood Toys in Salt Lake City, UT or order on line today.

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