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Wooden trains are still a favorite with children of all ages. They are traditional toys that draw the eye of the young and old alike. They provide hours of play time and are built to last. I make wooden train sets in my shop in Salt Lake City, UT. My customers have been happy with my wooden trains for over 30 years. Absolutely Terrific Wood Toys is the place to buy quality handcrafted wooden trains.

A train lover’s favorite car is the engine. The tiny wooden model of an old locomotive is found in many a small boy’s pant pocket. I make them to resemble the old fashioned locomotive which carries a little nostalgia for parents and a lot of interest for youngsters.

Kids love to connect things and the little train cars are no exception. My collection of wooden train cars includes a box car with sliding door, a circus car, and a caboose as well as other shaped cars. Whether each car is played with separately or together, wooden trains are fun for all ages.

Wooden trains are safer than their plastic counterparts. They do not have all the little parts that rambunctious kids can break. They have smooth surfaces and rounded corners. Youngsters can carry them around in pockets and run with them in their hands without the risk of being harmed.

If you are thinking about a simple train set for your child, wooden trains are the easiest for young children to start with; they are durable and the perfect size for toddlers to handle and carry. Pre-schoolers love to run them on the floors, sides of walls, and across tables. They cannot get enough of them. Even older children still play with wooden trains.

Wooden trains are a gift that keep on giving. Let Absolutely Terrific Wood Toys be your child’s first train set. Let us ship you one from Salt Lake City, UT, today.

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